January 16

I’m going to be doing gobs of updates to this site. It’ll look the same, because I don’t have the technical skills to give it a facelift, but over the next few weeks/months/years I’m going to try to get everything as up to date as possible. (Some of the pages are flat-out embarrassing.)

A quick glance at today’s work will show placeholder pages for Sick House and How You Ruined My Life. I did a minor update to my epic bio, and a pretty significant update to the “Short Works” page, which hadn’t reached the “flat-out embarrassing” level yet but was getting close.

The biggest change you’ll see is that I’m replacing the book descriptions (which are just the official descriptions that you’d see on the back cover) with more conversational, behind-the-scenes stuff. That’ll be a very gradual update. You don’t have to keep clicking the individual pages–I’ll post when the changes are made.

Just over 12,000 words into Bring Her Back


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