Be Like Sue

This is Sue. Sue loves books.

SUE: Hi!

In fact, Sue just read a book that she really enjoyed.

SUE: SICK HOUSE was swell!

Because Sue read the book through legal means, she knows that she doesn’t owe the author a damn thing.

SUE: My conscience is clear!

Sue doesn’t care about things like “Amazon algorithms,” so she doesn’t know that when she leaves a review she’s doing her part to boost the visibility of this spoooooky novel.

SUE: I am?

It’s true, Sue! Your reviews are a crucial component of the success of a book like SICK HOUSE. One review can’t do it alone, but when lots of people write them, why, the author can focus on writing another entertaining novel without being distracted as much by the looming specter of financial ruin.

SUE: Wow. I didn’t know that I could play such an important role. Should I also write reviews of books I haven’t read?

No, no, no. People can see right through that nonsense. We’re not trying to game the system here.  

BOB: I thought SICK HOUSE was garbage. Should I review it as well?

Burn in hell, Bob.

SUE: Well, I’m on my way to to leave my review right now! And then I’ll review enjoyable books by other authors as well! I never knew it meant so much!

Thanks, Sue!

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