StokerCon Schedule!

There are a trillion different things going on at StokerCon next weekend. These are the ones I’m REQUIRED to attend.

Thursday 11:00 PM: Playing a role in a dramatic reading of H.P. Lovecraft’s play Alfredo.

Friday 4:00 PM: PANEL: “Building Your Readership.”

Saturday 11:00 AM: PANEL: “Promoting Your Book to Libraries & Booksellers.”

Saturday 1:00 PM: READING with Michael Arnzen and David E. Cowen.

Saturday 2:00 PM: PANEL: “How To Choose Good Markets.”

Saturday 7:00 PM: Emceeing the Bram Stoker Awards for the 10th and final time.

Though you’ll naturally want to attend all of those, there’s even more, more, more! Check out StokerCon for the full programming schedule.

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