While signing my name eight hundred times, I decided to multi-task and work on the loooooooong overdue process of making sure all of the purchasing links on this website were correct.

Wow. Lots of missing editions. Links to ancient sites like Borders and The Horror Mall. Dead Clown Barbecue was still listed as a pre-order, and the Draculas page was a breathless announcement about this top-secret project I’d been teasing. Embarrassing. Fortunately, nobody ever visits the individual book pages on this site…

It’s just Phase One of a massive overhaul, but it’s a start.



Hand Cramps

Today’s itinerary:

  1. Take my tuxedo to the dry cleaners in preparation for emceeing the Audiobook Listener Awards next weekend.
  2. Sign my name almost eight hundred times.

#1 is done. #2 is not.

Welcome to Gleefully Macabre!

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