Almost KC MC Time!

All of my Master of Ceremonies jokes have been written for the Audiobook Listener Awards, which will be Friday night at the HEAR Now Audiobook Conference in Kansas City. My tuxedo has been dry cleaned. BBQ recommendations have been solicited. I’m ready to go…and I don’t leave until Thursday morning! What’s up with that???

The Wolf Hunt movie deal that I never posted here about ended up not happening. What typically happens with movie interest is that I think, “Yeah, yeah, whatEVAH!!!” and then file it away into a rarely used compartment of my brain. That’s where this one stayed until I got an update that things were looking promising. It didn’t completely break through the shell of my dark, cynical exterior, but there was certainly a moment of, “Gosh, that would be just swell!” But ultimately the answer was a big ol’ nope, and although the parties involved will be pursuing other possibilities, for me it returns to the Land of Not Really Thinking About It Very Much, at least after I finish this blog update.

Fortunately, I follow the advice I give in my “Stick With It! Sustaining Your Writing Passion in a Brutal Business” talk, which is to always be working on other stuff. This sucked, but I’ve got a new novel to focus on!

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