Audiobook Roundup

Last weekend I had a great time at the HEAR Now Audio Fiction & Arts Festival. I emceed the first annual Audiobook Reviewer Listeners’ Choice Awards, and I’ll probably include my opening monologue in my next newsletter.

In the meantime, here’s a handy list of all of my available audiobook editions. Some are available on CD, and some can be synched with the Kindle editions.

Wolf Hunt (read by Scott Thomas)

Wolf Hunt 2 (read by Scott Thomas)

Pressure (read by Scott Thomas)

Dweller (read by Scott Thomas)

Cyclops Road (read by Joe Hempel)

Sick House (read by Joe Hempel)

Kumquat (read by Adam Verner)

Blister (read by Daniel Dorse)

Kutter (read by Jack Clancy)

An Apocalypse of Our Own (read by Nadia Mori)

Fangboy (read by Janine Haynes)

I Have a Bad Feeling About This (read by Aaron Landon)

Stranger Things Have Happened (read by Kyle McCarley)

How You Ruined My Life (read by Andrew Eiden)

Suckers (read by Dick Hill)

Draculas (read by Eric Dawe)

Coming soon: Dead Clown Barbecue (read by Andy Barker).

Coming less soon: The Haunted Forest Tour and Bring Her Back (read by Joe Hempel).



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