Vampire Gummis

My sister visited from Germany, and she brought me a vast selection of German gummi candies, including a package of my beloved Haribo Vampires. These are shaped like bats. The wings are various fruit flavors, and the body, though gummi, is flavored like black licorice.

I know some of you reading this are thinking “EWWWW!!!! THAT SOUNDS HORRIBLE! I’M NOT CURRENTLY EATING ONE MYSELF BUT I STILL CAN’T GET THE TASTE OUT OF MY MOUTH!” but to me this is pure gummi bliss. Nom nom nom.

The latest online issue of The Horror Fiction Review came out, and it’s got a review of Bring Her Back. I’m not just cherry-picking the good stuff when I quote it as saying: “This is Strand at his gruesome best…some of the darkest humor you’ll read this year (or any year).” You can verify this right HERE.


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