Happy Almost Fourth of July!

You’ll be happy to know that I haven’t snorked down the entire bag of vampire gummi bears yet. Or maybe this news disappoints you. I don’t know. I can’t monitor all of you.

The July issue of my newsletter should come out this week, although I haven’t started the short story. I don’t even know what it’s going to be about. I’ve got nothing! Nothing!!! Why the hell did I commit to writing a new short story for every issue? What kind of FOOL does that kind of thing?

I’m hard at work on my next novel, and all I’ll say is, if you thought Sick House and Bring Her Back were dark, well…you’re right Those books were pretty dark. This new novel is a thriller but it’s way lighter and funnier.

The Bring Her Back discussion thread in the Goodreads Horror Aficionados group has been a lot of fun so far. As of now, it’s really just a general Q&A. If you’ve got any Q’s you want me to A, pop on over. (You can also just post a Q as a comment, and I’ll make it a future blog entry.) The thread is right HERE.

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