Summer Con Season!

I’ve got three horror conventions coming up this summer. Necon (July 19-22, Bristol, Rhode Island), Scares That Care (August 3-5, Williamsburg, Virginia), and KillerCon (August 24-26, Austin, Texas).

Necon, of course, I go to every year. This year I’m on the panel “Children’s Literature Vs. Middle Grade Vs. Young Adult” and I’ll also be co-emcee of the infamous Necon Roast, where I get to gleefully oversee the suffering and misery of some poor bastard.

I went to Scares That Care three years ago and absolutely loved it. Tragically, it then moved to the same weekend as Necon for two years and I whined a lot. But this year they’ve been separated by a couple of weeks and I get to go to both! I’m doing a reading and I’m on a panel to discuss the upcoming anthology Welcome to the Show, which contains my story “Parody.”

I’ve never been to KillerCon. I’ve heard it’s awesome. I’m doing a reading (assuming my flight is on time) and moderating a panel on villains. In a fit of madness, I also volunteered to take part in the Hot Wing Eating Challenge, so if you see me and I’m coughing and hacking and I scream “Just leave me alone, okay???” when you speak to me, please don’t take it personally.

Which of these events will I see YOU at?

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