Welcome to the Show

Check out this review from Sci-Fi And Fantasy Reviewer of the upcoming anthology Welcome to the Show, edited by Matt Hayward and Doug Murano. Here’s what they said about my story “Parody.”

“Just as disorientating, and with a comedic edge to it that is so dark as to be almost impenetrable, is Parody by Jeff Strand, who provides the tale of a musician trying to break into the music circuit at The Shantyman by performing unique song parodies; Strand writes beautiful prose, and he easily takes the reader into the mind of a desperate and distinctly unhinged performer determined to be noticed no matter what. I was absolutely not expecting the story to take the turn that it did, and it took several re-reads to appreciate just how subtly Strand had built up to those final few moments in the story.”

The full review, which says many, many nice things about the stories lurking in this book, is right HERE. The book itself makes its grand premiere at Scares That Care next month, which is yet another reason that you should go.


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