It’s a week o’ deals. Right now Dark Regions Press is offering a six-book bundle of my trade paperbacks for $45! This includes Dead Clown Barbecue, Dweller, Wolf Hunt, Wolf Hunt 2, and Gleefully Macabre Tales, plus the anthology Christmas Horror Volume 2 which includes my short story “December Birthday.” Forty-five bucks! That’s CUH-RAAAAAAZY!!!

Order it right HERE.

Meanwhile, The Haunted Forest Tour was accepted for a BookBub deal last month and the listing goes live this Friday, July 13. BookBub deals are this amazing thing where you submit your book for a listing, they probably reject it (they only accept 1 in 5), you keep trying, and eventually they say yes. Then you pay for the listing, it goes out in their newsletter, and your sales go through the roof. Or at least you get enough of a boost to cover the cost of the listing.

So starting on Thursday, the Kindle edition of The Haunted Forest Tour will be 99 cents. But that’s not all! In case people who have no idea who the hell I am see the listing and start browsing, I’ll also be dropping the Kindle editions of Dead Clown Barbecue, Elrod McBugle on the Loose, Benjamin’s Parasite, Pressure, Dweller, Everything Has Teeth, Mandibles, Kumquat, Cyclops Road, and Blister to 99 cents as well!

Q: Does this apply to all markets?

A: No. Just the USA and UK.

Q: Whaaaaaat? Why do you hate your Canadian fans???

A: I know, I know, it sucks. Unfortunately, Amazon only allows you to do a Kindle Countdown Deal for the USA and UK.

Q: So screw the Countdown Deal! Just lower the price!

A: Here’s how it works: A book that sells for $2.99 or above earns you 70% royalties. (This is what let me become a full-time writer.) If it’s below $2.99, the royalty drops to 35%. A Kindle Countdown Deal lets you temporarily drop the price and keep the 70% royalties.

The problem is that 35% vs 70% royalties are one or the other. You can’t mix and match. You can’t take 35% royalties in Australia and 70% everywhere else. So if I drop the price in one market, it becomes 35% royalties across the board.

When I put the four-book Andrew Mayhem collection on sale, I didn’t want to leave out the non-USA/UK readers. So the 99-cent (equivalent) price applied to all markets, and my royalties were halved. The handful of extra sales didn’t come anywhere close to making up the significant loss from dropping the royalty rate.

The same thing happened with my Dweller BookBub deal. It feels good to not leave anybody out, but it stings to do the math and see how much it cost you. Since writing is my only source of income, I really can’t be dorking around with this kind of thing.

Q: You’re still a jerk.

A: Fair enough.

Q: When is Bring Her Back, which I hear is awesome, going on sale?

A: Not anytime soon. But it’s only three bucks!

Q: Eh. I’ll wait.

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