Fun With Formatting!

Since a bunch of my Kindle titles are going on sale this week, yesterday I decided it was time for a project that I’ve been dreading.

The back of each book has an Other Books By Jeff Strand page with titles and very brief descriptions, so that you think, “Gosh, Mandibles was such a jolly good romp that I can’t help but wonder if the author has written anything else? Why, here’s a convenient list right at the end of the book!”

However, each book was only current as of that book. So if you read Bring Her Back you’d get a complete list of titles, but the end of Wolf Hunt was missing everything I’d published since 2010. I also wanted to add hyperlinks. The less work people have to do to acquire more books, the better.

Sure, the hyperlinks took a while (I used the site BookLinker, which gives you a magical link that takes the link-clicker to the Amazon store of their own country), but it wasn’t THAT big of a project. That part that filled me with fear was revisiting the older titles that were a formatting nightmare.

In 2018, it takes very little work for me to format a Kindle book, and it’s almost always right on the first pass. Several years ago, that wasn’t the case. Some books I never could format correctly except by uploading an HTML version. Well, I didn’t want to use HTML versions anymore…which meant revisiting the horrors of trying to format the early novels.

It took most of yesterday and most of today. It sucked. But it’s done. Now if you purchase one of my e-books (except for the ones published by Sourcebooks) you’ll find a handy list of links to help you purchase more of them.

Okay, I also didn’t put the links in Elrod McBugle on the Loose. When I revisited the file, I thought, “Wow, I completely forgot to include the Other Books By Jeff Strand section!” Then I remembered that I’d decided that maybe I shouldn’t be pushing stuff like Benjamin’s Parasite on the 10-year-olds who just read Elrod. I stand by that decision.

Next up: I have a fairly long interview to do for the Dark Regions Press newsletter, and I still need to write a short story for my own July newsletter.

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