Con Season Continues

I’m back from Necon! Actually, I’ve been back from Necon for a week; I just haven’t posted any blog entries since then, what with me being a slacker and all.

Necon was amazing as always. It’s got a “family” vibe that’s unlike any other convention I’ve attended. Of course, it’s a family that will devote the prime Saturday night spot to saying horrible things about one of their own. Once again I was co-emcee of the Infamous Necon Roast, where poor Matt Bechtel was the surprise victim. He finally stopped crying after he went comatose.

Up next, very quickly, is Scares That Care, which in many ways is the complete opposite of Necon, except that they’re both awesome. I’ll be much more in “author” mode there, spending most of the convention selling books and meeting readers. Unlike many other conventions that have a strong movie/TV component, Scares That Care attendees actually like books! That weekend will see the launch of Welcome to the Show, an anthology of stories all set at the same music venue, containing my story “Parody.”

After a two week break, I’ll be off to KillerCon. I’ve never been to this one (which has been on hiatus for a few years) but I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews.

In October, I’ll be at the Merrimack Valley Halloween Festival, which has a jaw-dropping lineup of horror authors. More than sixty of ’em!

I will, of course, keep writing books during that time. Expect a new one soon….

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