Phantom & Show

I’ve wanted to see Phantom of the Paradise for over 30 years. At first, I didn’t even know what movie it was; the documentary Terror in the Aisles had a short but truly bizarre clip of a guy with metal teeth in a mask sneaking up on another guy in the shower, jamming a toilet plunger into his face, and threatening him in a weird electronically altered voice. My reaction was “WTF? I have to see this!!!”

Once I figured out that the movie was Phantom of the Paradise, I looked everywhere for the VHS with no luck. (“Everywhere” meaning the limited number of video stores in my area.) Eventually the world would change and you could order DVDs and Blu-Rays online, and I could’ve gotten a copy without a lot of effort, but by then I’d transitioned to having more available movies than I could watch in a dozen lifetimes and Phantom was no longer the holy grail it had once been.

Last night, the Plaza Theater in Atlanta played it on the big screen. I got to see it in a packed house…and absolutely loved it. 100% worth the wait.

Speaking of music-themed horror…the anthology Welcome to the Show (which contains my story “Parody”) made its debut at Scares That Care, and is available for your purchasing convenience right HERE.


The review at HorrorTalk says “Another favorite is ‘Parody’ by Jeff Strand. This tale is so completely ludicrous and out there that I admit I actually laughed out loud multiple times, something I rarely do in my reading.”

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