KillerCon Schedule

KillerCon is this weekend! In addition to enjoying some awesome Austin BBQ, here’s my official schedule:

FRIDAY: 2:00 PM. Reading. My story selection is “Clyde the Necrophile,” so get ready for a treat.

3:00 PM. Moderating the panel “Writing the Villain” with Lucy Taylor, Edward Lee, Matt Shaw, and Bob Pastorella, authors who’ve created some of our most depraved villains.

8:30 PM. Wings of Pain Challenge. Dumbass contestants have to eat excruciatingly hot wings and answer questions from the host.

9:30 PM – ? Private recovery from Wings of Pain Challenge.

SATURDAY: 10:00 AM. Mass Signing. I’ll scrawl my name on anything you put in front of me. I’ll also have copies of SICK HOUSE and BRING HER BACK for sale.

8:00 PM. 1st Annual Splatterpunk Awards. Did I win? Did I win? Did I win? Did I win? Did I win? I’m not used to attending awards ceremonies that I’m not emceeing, so I may take over if the hosts aren’t up to my high standards.

SUNDAY: I’m not on any programming, but I’ll be there all day.

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