Successful Vacation

Well, my vacation at my mom’s cabin in Wisconsin ended on Thursday. I do this almost every year, and the degree of “vacation” varies each time. I’ve gone there with a looming deadline for Wolf Hunt 2 where I basically just worked the whole time, I’ve gone there in the midst of writing Draculas (where I had to keep up with my speed-writer co-authors), and I’ve gone there immediately after getting hit with the edits for Stranger Things Have Happened (“Hey, I’m going on vacation–can this wait until I get back?” “Ummmm…I’d really rather it not..”).

This time, I wrote maybe two pages of a new book after I came up with a cool idea, and that was it. The rest of the time was spent with my Kindle.

Anyway, now I’m back. Going to finish my new novel Bang Up by the end of September!

Meanwhile, Sick House is only 99 cents for the next few days!!!

CURRENTLY READING: Cling by Jeff Menapace and Kim Bravo.

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