C-C-C-Cold C-C-C-Coming

I’m working outside today, trying to enjoy the warm weather before the several months of miserable freezing weather arrive. Yes, I live in Georgia. Yes, I know many of you are unsympathetic to the plight of surviving a Georgia “winter.” Well, I’m a thin-blooded guy who lived in Florida for 21 years, so this cold simply doesn’t work for me. I figure I’ve got another month before the weather starts to suck, and I’m going to be out of town for much of it, so I’m enjoying it while I can!

Last night I was on the Deadman’s Tome podcast. The live feed cut off at one point and I think we lost about 10 minutes of AMAZING conversation, but you can hear the rest of it at https://deadmanstome.net/deadmans-tome-podcast/



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