September Newsletter!

The September issue of my newsletter went out this morning. If you feel that actually subscribing is too frightening of a commitment, you can read it right HERE. In addition to all of the latest news, it has a comprehensive (?) look at the times my books were used as set dressing in movies, and the story “The Guy Who Didn’t Want To Murder Anybody With A Hammer.”



Going Quick!

The last update was that the Thunderstorm Books gourmet edition of Bring Her Back was 75% sold out…and that was NINE HOURS ago! Who knows how many copies sold overnight? If you’re taking a lackadaisical approach to this situation, just realize that they might be GONE GONE GONE by the time you click this link:


BRING HER BACK Limited Edition

The hardcover limited edition of Bring Her Back is now available from Thunderstorm Books! The print run has been increased a bit from their editions of Everything Has Teeth and Sick House, but it should still sell-out lickety-split, so don’t delay if you want one!

Cover by Frank Walls.


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