Bang Up is done!!!

October 5

Will I finish Bang Up today? I might. To get this book done, I have to put in a “solid” day of work. Not a “ridiculous” day of work. Not a college student “Oh, God, why did I wait until the day before to start writing this term paper?” all-nighter. Not something where I’d post my word count and you’d go “OMG STRAND YOU ARE A MACHINE!!!” Just, y’know, a solid, full day of work.

Mindy Has To Die (the feature film adaptation of my novella Stalking You Now) had its world premiere last night, and it went……I dunno. I haven’t heard anything or seen any pictures. The audience might still be giving it a standing ovation. I have a few friends in Ireland, but they’re all at the bottom of Ireland and the film was shown at the top, so aside from writer/director George Clarke and producer Kenny Martin I’m not 100% sure who might have been lurking in the audience.

UPDATE: I’m told that the screening went great and that there was much laughter.

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