October 7

Response to yesterday’s post was extremely enthusiastic, by which I mean I received this reply:

“Stop sending me your emails! Unsubscribe does not work! I have tried countless times. Please make it stop!”

I was going to explain that I have no control over people who subscribed to e-mail alerts to my website then were later filled with remorse over their decision, but I did some poking around and it turns out that I DO have the power to unsubscribe people. So I manually removed her from these updates and her saga had a happy ending.

Today I’m spending all day going through Bang Up. I’m not going to share chapter-by-chapter updates, but if anything interesting/amusing comes up during the process, I’ll post it here.

UPDATE #1: I have literally gone through the opening of this book dozens of times. Dozens. I’ve just discovered a missing word on the first half of the first page. That’s how the proofreading process works, ladies and gentlemen!

UPDATE #2: I spoke too soon about the happy ending. I got a rage-filled response from the lady about today’s post, so apparently unsubscribing her didn’t work on my end, either. I tried again.

UPDATE #3: Six chapters down. Really, nothing in the way of interesting behind the scenes tidbits to share. I cut a few paragraphs because they set up something that ultimately never paid off. Nobody will miss them.

UPDATE #4: Thirteen chapters down. So far the only mistake I’ve found is the one on the first half of the first page. Typos should increase a bit as I get further in the book. With a one-word change, I realized that a casual reference in Chapter One could play into a casual reference in Chapter Thirteen. Few readers will notice it, but it’s a nice little bit for those who do.

UPDATE #5: One character calls another. The character answers, “sounding sleepy.” A couple of lines later, we find out that he’s standing in line at the grocery store. While I was writing I changed my mind about him being woken up by the phone call but didn’t get rid of him sounding sleepy. Moments like these are difficult to explain when editors catch them.

UPDATE #6: D’oh! Chapter Fifteen has a throwaway version of a joke that’s much more elaborate later in the book. Chapter Fifteen now has one fewer joke. RIP.

UPDATE #7: I stopped posting updates in favor of trying to get this book done before 2:00 AM. Sorry about that.

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