October 17

Made up for yesterday’s (small) writing shortfall, so the new as-yet-untitled novel is now at 7500 words. The first chapter has no horror whatsoever, but by the end of the second chapter there’s some pretty compelling evidence that things are not going to be pleasant. I’m on Chapter Four now, and things are just about to go insane…

In a brief holding pattern on Bang Up while I wait for the last piece of feedback. Admittedly, there are some things I could be doing that DON’T require that feedback (writing the promo copy, writing the flash fiction story that will go in the newsletter that promotes the new release, formatting…) but I’ve been focusing on the new novel.

I’ll probably have to scale back my daily quota on that book, because my to-do list for the rest of October includes:

  • All of the Bang Up stuff, including adding a page to the website.
  • An essay for a non-fiction book.
  • A foreword for a different non-fiction book.
  • A short story for a horror anthology.
  • My October newsletter.
  • A bonus newsletter for cross-promo purposes (which will also have a new flash fiction piece).
  • An essay for the StokerCon 2019 souvenir book.
  • Various other bits and pieces.

Plus, all of the cool Halloween-related stuff, including two events that I’ll post about soon.

And tomorrow I’m going apple picking.




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