October 18

Drove 90 miles today to pick apples from an orchard, but the U-Pick part had closed early, so instead we’d driven 90 miles (each way) to purchase apples. Still, they’re good apples. And there was a barbecue stop.

I’ve been a MoviePass user for several years, back when it was $30 a month. It was a great value that became an even greater value when I moved to Atlanta with its expensive-ass movie prices. When my wife told me that they’d dropped the price to ten bucks a month, I thought she’d fallen for an internet hoax, but nope, ten bucks a month for a movie a day, every day. A value so jaw-droppingly incredible that it was hard to imagine what kind of business model would allow them to do this.

Well, of course, it all fell apart. MoviePass kept changing the rules, making it crappier and crappier until finally settling on the astoundingly crappy plan where you only get three movies a month (okay, still cheaper than buying the tickets) from a very small selection of rotating choices (WTF?). I can’t imagine any new customers reviewing the current setup and saying “Yes! This is something I should do!”

I’d bought an annual plan, but with its renewal coming up in November I cancelled it and switched to the AMC program, which costs twice as much but has an advantage over MoviePass in that it isn’t complete garbage. My first movie will be Halloween tomorrow morning.

Did my 2500 word quota today, despite the long trip for apples, bringing me up to 10,000 on the new novel. And with that, I’m going to drop the quota to a scant 1000 words for the next three days while I try to knock some items off my to-do list.

Oh, by the way, here’s the cover to Bang Up


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