October 25

1000 words on Ferocious yesterday, bringing the total to 16,000. I also did a beginning-to-end read of what I’ve written so far, to make sure the pacing is okay. A lot has happened, but our heroes aren’t in serious danger yet. That’s about to change. And once the really bad stuff kicks in, it doesn’t stop. These characters are not happy to be in this particular book.

I did an interview with Lionel Ray Green, which he already posted HERE. It’s mostly focused on my new novel Bang Up which you should immediately purchase if you’re over 18 and not offended by a novel that’s way way way more sexed up than my usual work. It also answers the question of whether I consider myself a horror author or a humor author.

Later today, a bonus essay!

One Response to “October 25”

  1. R.J. Says:

    Just finished Bang Up. Not the first book of yours that I’ve read, but my first re iew. You are a sick, twisted, hilarious writer. (All great qualities for an entertaining author) Thanks for producing engaging, books that make me cringe and laugh my ads off. Keep ’email coming!


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