October 26

2000 words on Ferocious yesterday, bringing the total to 18,000. For the non-writers looking for a sense of what this means, novels like Sick House, Bring Her Back, and Blister are in the 60K range, novels like Pressure, Dweller, and Wolf Hunt are in the 70K range, and Cyclops Road is in the 80K range.

Last night I was on The Panic Room podcast for the fourth time. I read a non-filthy excerpt from Bang Up and talked about the awkward time I read my story “Werewolf Porno” in front of an audience.

The third of this week’s new releases came out today: Fantastic Tales of Terror. This is another anthology where most of the contributors are way more famous than I am. My story is about Buster Keaton doing battle with living stone gargoyles. Get it HERE.

Fantastic Tales of Terror

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