October 27

No work on Ferocious yesterday. I wasn’t being a lazy slacker–I had an essay to write for the StokerCon 2017 Souvenir Book. But I got that done, and also started a short story that’s due on Halloween. (And I got up early this morning and did 1000 words on Ferocious, with the plan to do another 1000 before I have to leave, so you need not worry about the zombie animals being neglected.)

Today is Scary Fireside Stories For Halloween, a local Atlanta event organized by Brian Kirk, though I’ll be getting there early to help set everything up. It’s free (including the s’mores!) and involves ten authors reading very short spooky stories of five minutes or less.

Since every issue of my newsletter has a flash fiction piece, I have a lot of choose from. I was originally going to read “Jigsaw Puzzle,” one of my most popular newsletter stories, but the whole story is a build-up to the final reveal, so I think I’m going to swap it out for “A Real Haunting.” If the audience boos at the end, I’ll know I made the wrong choice.

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