November 20

There’s a quick interview with me (in fact, the headline is “A Quickie With Jeff Strand”) is up at Redrum Reviews. Find out my darkest fantasy! That is, find out my joke answer when asked about my darkest fantasy!

I write a lot of short stories, but I hadn’t submitted any of them through the slush pile since Blood Lite in 2007. If I write a short story, it’s either for my newsletter, to add unpublished stories to a collection, or because an editor said “Hey, will you write something for this project?” However, a friend brought an open submission call to my attention for a project that was looking for exactly the kind of stuff I write, and so today I sent off “Captain Pistachio’s Charming Rampage.” Will it get accepted? Will I get a form letter saying that while they read my submission with interest it doesn’t suit their present needs? We’ll find out…


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