Yes, I abandoned my website for a while. My bad. I DID finish a new novel, though, so hopefully that makes up for the lack of posts.

I doubt I’ll return to posting every day, which I think may be annoying to people who’ve subscribed to this blog. (I didn’t receive any feedback on that, so it’s possible that many of you spend your days aggressively clicking “refresh” on your e-mail in hopes of an update, but I’m going to go with “annoying” unless I hear otherwise.)

Anyway, this weekend I’m heading back down to Tampa, Florida for a few days of glorious mid-80’s weather for the second annual Tampa Bay Publishing Conference. I’ll be giving my “Stick With It: Sustaining Your Writing Passion in a Brutal Business” talk and also participating on a panel about balancing a writing career with a day job. (I’m now a full-time writer, but I had a day job for a long-ass time and can speak to this subject with great authority.)

And meanwhile…


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