It’s been a crazy busy last several days. First I was at the Atlanta Writers Workshop, where I did a comedy writing workshop in the morning, a suspense writing workshop in the afternoon, and manuscript critiques in-between. I’ve never been a teacher and critiques are far from my area of expertise, so it took a lot of prep time to come up with (hopefully) helpful insight. Sadly, I didn’t make any aspiring authors rush out of the room in tears.

Then I drove down to Florida for back-to-back school visits. Not to brag or anything, but in a room full of middle school students, I am a GOD!!! At least in a school where the kids have been forced to read my books. I did Q&A’s all day, signed lots and lots and lots of books, and soaked in the adoration before returning to my life of obscurity. (Also, one kid found a typo, and another kid said that Sinister Seamus’ desire to murder our hero in Stranger Things Have Happened lacked credibility.)

THEN I was back for the Broadleaf Self-Publishing Seminar, an all-day event done as a series of panel discussions, with the same five authors on each. We got to know each other very well. Many knowledge bombs were dropped.

Ferocious has been out for almost three weeks now and sales have exceeded expectations. I don’t get to say that very often. Usually my sales are “as expected” or “Aw, crap.” Since this follows the way-below-average sales of Bang Up, and since my ability to purchase goods and services is entirely dependent on people buying my books, I’m very happy that the zombie animals are a success.

Had a very cool call with some movie people that I can’t really say anything about. In fact, there’s lots of movie stuff going on that I can’t say anything about. EIGHT different books are at some stage of being adapted for film, though seven of these can be described as “really, really early in the process.”

(The eighth is Mindy Has To Die, the half-completed movie version of Stalking You Now. The first half, which screened at the Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival in Ireland, is awesome. The second half of that version of the movie is just the lead actor reading the second half of my book to the audience. Obviously, it’s not releasable in that form–though it’ll be a fun Blu-Ray special feature–but there are plans afoot to complete the film this year.)

The latest update on one of them was pants-pooping news, but I am at liberty to say nary a word. For another, I’m actually writing the screenplay. One is a micro-budget production in the midwest. One is a big Hollywood production. No cameras have been turned on.

There’s a zero percent chance that all of these will get made, but with eight different movies in the works, you very well may get to see an adaptation someday soon. Or not soon. But someday….



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