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My “successful” books on Kindle tend to follow an anxiety-inducing sales pattern:

  1. A very strong launch day.
  2. An okay but concerning second day.
  3. “Oh no! It’s all over! Goodbye, writing career. Time to go back to an office desk job.”
  4. Then, 10-14 days after the book is published, sales momentum suddenly kicks in and all is well.

No matter how many times I go through this, there’s always the “NOOOOOOO!!!!” reaction in those first two weeks. Of course, if it’s a non-horror novel like Bang Up, the sales momentum may never kick in, leaving me with a book that readers loved but which didn’t help me buy many groceries.

Fortunately, My Pretties is a horror/suspense novel, and after that stomach-churning first couple of weeks, it’s doing very well. I’m very happy with reader reaction so far. I usually only share really bad or really funny quotes from Amazon reviews, but…

  • My Pretties is the best novel Jeff Strand has published to date.”
  • “One of Strand’s best novels.”
  • “One of Strand’s darkest and most disturbing novels.”
  • “One of the most original and suspenseful horror releases of 2019.”
  • “One of Jeff Strand’s best if not his best book to date.”
  • “The story twist had me floored.”

Mark Sieber at Horror Drive-In was also a sweetheart: “My Pretties is full of twists and turns, and just when I thought I knew where Strand was going with the story, he turned it on its head and shocked the s**t out of me. And being Jeff Strand, he made me laugh as much as he was making me cringe.”

(The full review is quite funny. Check it out HERE.)

So I’m happy with how things are going so far. And I’m hard at work on the next book, which, though still a horror novel, switches gears from “dark and nasty” to “lots and lots of fun.”

The next issue of my newsletter will go out late this week. In addition to the usual brand-new story (so brand-new that I haven’t started writing it yet) it’ll have the first installment of my “Get To Know A Beta Reader” feature. Learn what it’s like for Tod Clark as he reads my books before they’re published!

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Darrell Grizzle did an interview with me at Ghosts In The Kudzu. Check it out HERE.


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