Werewolf Stuff

Are you looking for something to read for Halloween? Of course you’re not. If you’re like me, your to-be-read pile has enough books to get you through the next 185 years. But do you still acquire new books? Of course you do! Well, www.cheaphorrorebooks.com has a dozen titles that are on sale for 99 cents each through October 31st, including titles by JA Konrath and Scott Nicholson.

Oh, also Wolf Hunt and Wolf Hunt 2 are included. That’s a lot of werewolf action for not a lot of money. To celebrate this astounding deal, Lynne Hansen did brand new covers!



But that’s not all! Wolf Hunt 3 is now available for pre-order! You can start reading the second it’s published on November 19th!


If you own the Dark Regions Press hardcover limited editions of the first two books and were hoping for a matching set…yes, Dark Regions will be publishing a collector’s edition of Wolf Hunt 3 as well. Pre-order information and a publication date will be announced later.

And a new issue of my newsletter went out today. This one has the brand-new story “The Tell Tale Heart II: Aftermath,” along with an essay about a creative decision in one of my books that I regret. Check it out HERE.

One Response to “Werewolf Stuff”

  1. Jim Says:

    Even though I should have finished it before, I did my pre-order


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