Happy November!

It’s November, so the weather here in Atlanta has gone from “way too hot” to “way too cold” with very little transitional time. Ugh.

I have various bits of interest in movie adaptations of my work (at least one of which is pants-soilingly amazing) but they’re all in a “You will breathe no word of this to anybody!” level of secrecy right now. Except one! Last night, Buffalo NY filmmaker Mick Thomas officially announced that he’s making a feature film from my novella Disposal. He’s already written the screenplay and plans to have the movie completed in the next twelve months. I believe he’s planning to share frequent updates throughout the process, and I’ll pass ’em along!

(If you want to read the novella before you see the movie, it’s in Gleefully Macabre Tales.)

Will I have more movie news soon? Mayyyyyyybe….

Got an extra Audible credit lying around? The audiobook of My Pretties, narrated by Aida Reluczo, is now available! Get it HERE.

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