Short Flick & Leaders of the Pack

I’m waiting on super-big news, but fortunately I’m too busy to be driven to the brink of madness over it. And I have a couple of other pieces of news:

Filmmaker Brett Kelly is going to direct a short film based on my script “Hostile,” which I turned into a short story that was published in DOA IIIHe has already begun the process of gathering the necessary props:


Meanwhile, the anthology Leaders of the Pack is up for pre-order (to be published in January). Authors of werewolf novels wrote short stories featuring characters from their novels. My contribution, “Ivan’s Night Out,” is a Wolf Hunt tale!


Check it out right HERE.

The final version of Wolf Hunt 3 is due to Amazon by the 15th, so I should probably finish up this blog post and get the hell back to work. You can pre-order that one right HERE.


One Response to “Short Flick & Leaders of the Pack”

  1. rhio2k Says:

    Nice. Looks like everyone who’s written werewolf horror I like is there, except Benjamin Percy…but I don’t think he can do quick and dirty, anyway.


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