Photo Finish

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I did NOT run up to the very last second with Wolf Hunt 3, but nor have I spent the past few weeks in a state of blissful relaxation. Unlike a human editor, where you can beg for mercy, the Amazon countdown is a soulless monster, counting down the seconds without remorse.

Anyway, it’s done. The book goes live on Tuesday!

Horror DNA just posted an extremely flattering review of Clowns Vs. Spidersso while you count down the seconds until the return of George & Lou, you can check it out HERE.

With Wolf Hunt 3 done, I’m going to take the next few days off and just binge-watch some…ha ha ha! Just kidding! When I’m in the final stages of writing a novel I fall behind on EVERYTHING, and so the end of a book means it’s time to tackle a frightening To Do list. But I’m having a delicious burrito for dinner tonight, so life is good.



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