Started two new novels today, both of them supernatural horror.

The first one, which I will call “The Cult Book” for now, is going to an agent when it’s done, which means you won’t see it anytime soon.

The second one, which I will call “The Telekinesis Book” for now, will be my next self-published novel, so you’ll see it way sooner, even though I’m planning to devote 80% of my novel-writing time to The Cult Book until it’s finished, and a scant 20% to the Telekinesis Book. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had two novels going at the same time, but I want to get a head start on the second one, even if it’s just a couple of pages a day, for when I look at my royalties and go “AAAHHH!!! I NEED A NEW BOOK OUT!!!”

I’m also writing the screenplay for a motion picture adaptation of one of my books. Which one could it be??? The filmmakers involved will do an official announcement in December.

And, of course, Wolf Hunt 3 comes out tomorrow!

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