No Snow Here

I did not get stranded in Minnesota, though it was actually pretty close. The snowplows didn’t reach my mom’s street until shortly before they were scheduled to quit on Monday, and we needed to head out early Tuesday morning. (There are, of course, much worse fates that being stuck at my mom’s house with its plentiful supply of post-Thanksgiving food and beverages. I could’ve probably survived for a couple of extra days just on the gummi bears that my sister brought me from Germany.)

Today I finished up a short story called “Ghetto Blaster” for an upcoming anthology. Excluding stuff for my newsletter, that’s the last short story I owe until March 1st. FREEEEEDOM!!!

Instead of multi-tasking as planned, I think I’m gonna focus entirely on the screenplay until it’s done, with time in the evenings for my long-long-long awaited website updates, and catching up on the backlog of books I’ve promised to read for blurbs. (Currently reading Johnny Walker Ranger: Demon Slayer by Ezekiel Kincaid, which is wildly entertaining.)

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