December 10th

I used “November” on my last two posts, presumably because I’m in denial about the end of the decade.

The Kindle edition of Hark the Herald Angels Scream is currently only $1.99. It contains my story “Good Deeds,” which is one of my most popular (and most demented) short tales. I have no idea how long this sale will last; get it right HERE.

Hark the Herald Angels Scream

It’s a little maddening when a limited edition ALMOST sells out, but then those last couple of traitorous copies stick around, mocking you. I prefer the scenario where people are wailing in misery because they missed out. Anyway, you can still get the Thunderstorm Books hardcover collector’s edition of My Pretties right HERE.

Also Ferocious right HERE. And Bring Her Back right HERE.

I finally got to see Knives Out last night and loved it. I was worried that I wouldn’t avoid somebody blabbing whodunnit before I made it to the theater, but aside from a friend who should know better eliminating two of the suspects by saying he wished the performers had more to do, I was able to see it unspoiled. Huzzah!

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