December 24th

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In the summer of 2017, I moved from Tampa, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia. But I’d already committed to playing a small role in Lycanimator, so two weeks later I drove back down to Florida to portray the evil Dr. Cleighton.

My part involved a) sinister dialogue, and b) a lot of screaming. I honestly never realized I was so good at screaming. I also had to pretend to be dead of a recently torn-open neck–yes, it’s a spoiler, but I want you to brace yourself so that you’re not too heartbroken at the sight. I assume my fans will be outraged and call for the extermination of lycanimators across the nation. I hope they will take a deep, calming breath and realize that it’s just a movie. I did ruin a perfectly good shirt, though.

Anyway, the movie hits DVD in April 2020. Am I any good in it? That’s for audiences to decide, but, no, probably not.

More Lycanimator updates in the months to come…



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