December 31

Well, here in the Eastern time zone, it’s just about the end of 2019. I spent much of the day working on the second draft of my screenplay (down to 155 pages from 164), and tomorrow night it’ll be off to the producers.

2019 was a productive year. Four new novels:FerociousMy PrettiesClowns Vs. SpidersandWolf Hunt 3Sales success varied (My Pretties did extremely well, while many of the reviews expressed surprise that Clowns Vs. Spiders was actually a good book!) but they were all well-received.

I was surprised by how well Five Novellas did. Expectations were low, low, low, and I went out of my way to make it clear that none of this was new material, including purposely giving it a generic title. I may try a collection of all-new novellas in the future…

Expect a lot of new stuff in 2020. A new horror/suspense novel early in the year, and a book many people have been awaiting for a long time. Plus a super-scary novel that, if all goes well, you won’t see anytime soon.

Maybe some movie news? I’m not allowed to officially talk about anything except the adaptation of my book Disposal, but several books have been optioned (I’m only writing the script for one) and my role is basically to sit here and wait for updates.

Stay tuned…

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