January 1st

Welcome to 2020! I spent much of today hacking away at my screenplay with a machete, cutting large chunks of delightfully amusing dialogue that I couldn’t bear to leave out when I was transforming the novel into a script. It’s still too long, but it’s not ridiculously too long.

I’m not mourning the missing jokes. They’re all still in the book. And, truthfully, even when I have to cut stuff from a book, where it’s gone forever, I shed a quick tear and move on. Both I Have a Bad Feeling About This and Stranger Things Have Happened  are missing a lot of jokes from the first draft I delivered to the publisher. Some cuts I agreed with and some I didn’t, but once they were gone I really didn’t spend much time whining about it. There were plenty of jokes left in those books, and there are plenty of laughs left in the script, even though I had to chop, chop, chop away at it since we’re not making Avengers: Endgame. 

Expect the big reveal of WHICH book I adapted soon. (The information is actually out there on the Internet…somewhere…)


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