January 2nd

The screenplay is officially off to the producers! Looking forward to some hot “addressing the feedback they give me” action in the upcoming weeks.

They’re ready to send out a press release…but I’m heading out of town tomorrow morning with potentially spotty internet access, so we’ve decided to hold off for a week so that I can click “Like” more quickly on the social media comments.

Yes, in what has become an annual tradition, my wife and I are heading down to a cabin in Florida to escape the “cold weather” (I put this in quotes in case somebody is reading this while gazing out at snow). It’s truthfully not going to be THAT much warmer down there than it is in Atlanta, but we didn’t know that when we booked the trip. I’ll take whatever extra warmth I can get.

I guess it’s a semi-vacation. I’ll still be writing, but I’ll be writing in a cabin in Florida. I’m bringing Live From New York: The Complete, Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live to read and also Devil’s Creek by Todd Keisling, which doesn’t come out until this summer but which I get to read early because I’m super famous and well-connected and sat across from Todd at Scares That Care.

I’ve got tentative writing plans for the first half of 2020. The definite one is a novel called Hazel (though the title itself may not be definite). Beyond that, know what I’ve got planned, yet I also know how often those plans change, so if I say too much too soon I’ll look like a damned liar. But there’s cool stuff ahead, kids!


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