January 7th


Don’t be alarmed. I survived my encounter with the Moss Man. He ignites pretty easily.

I’m at a cabin in a Florida state park. There’s no wireless internet, but thanks to the magic of the year 2020 my computer is tethered to my cell phone’s data plan and I’m not required to live like a primate.

I’ve been taking an “I’m going to work on whatever the hell I want” approach for this week. Part of the time that has meant working on my novel Hazel, which is what I’m supposed to be working on. But I’ve also been working on a SECRET PROJECT that I have to admit may be of LIMITED INTEREST to many of you but others will be all like OH YEAH I’VE GOTTA READ THAT. I know when I want it to come out, but I’m not committing to a damn thing yet.

Heard back from the movie producers, who were “extremely pleased” with my screenplay. I am, of course, perfectly aware that in this biz it could be “We’re extremely pleased with your script…now change everything about it!!!” If you’re wondering which of my novels I’ve adapted, all will be revealed on Monday, January 13th.


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