The Movie Of The Book About The Movie!

I’ve been talking about writing a screenplay adaptation of one of my books. Now I can blab that the book was The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever, which was optioned by Scott Winlaw and Craig George (who will be producing and directing together) of Binge Bros. Productions!

There’s an official press release and four pieces of concept art on their website. Check it out HERE.

January 14th

I’m back! Actually, I’ve been back from the cabin since Thursday night, but I wasn’t able to get WordPress to work on my computer. In fact, I still can’t. After a few days of trying (by which I mean a few minutes a day for a few days, not a few solid days of effort) I discovered that it works on my Chromebook. The Chromebook was supposed to be my “Writing Only” device, but I guess I’ve added “website updates” to its functions.

I got quite a bit done on Secret Project #1 and Not-Secret Project: Hazel, my next novel. The drive home was supposed to be five and a half hours, and my wife and I ended up making the heroic sacrifice of skipping our trip to the alligator farm in favor of getting home early, getting fully unpacked, and getting a good night’s sleep so we could wake up early in the morning and back to work.

A car accident (not us) caused a half-hour delay. We had no idea how ironic “Well, that kind of sucked” would turn out to be, because we would end up being stopped in traffic (dead stop, engines off, desperately wishing there’d been a more recent pee break) for three and a half hours. Less than a mile ahead, there’d been an accident that involved a semi flipping over and then being struck by several of the cars that had been driving behind it.

At the time, we couldn’t whine about it too much, because we didn’t know if there’d been any fatalities, and you don’t want to complain about a long traffic delay and find out that there’d been, y’know, human lives lost. There weren’t (though we drove by the semi and that thing was TRASHED) so I guess now I can whine about it all I want, though I’m less inclined to do so now that I don’t desperately have to pee.

Anyway, I’ll back with regular blog updates now.

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