Welcome to February!

A few days ago I posted a sinister quote from Hazel. I immediately got a “You mean Hazel the maid? Hur hur hur!” comment. (“Hur hur hur” implied.) A couple of other people jumped in with GIFs, and I realized that unless I wanted my social media threads to be constantly derailed by jokes about a 1960’s sitcom, I needed to change the title.

It took forever to come up with Hazel in the first place, but I returned to the lists of female names, trying to find one that sounded good as a book title and also was not the name of a 1960’s sitcom. That also took forever. Should’ve been easy, right? If you’re going through a list of 1000 names, it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that fits all of your criteria.

In the end, I decided (still subject to change) that the book is now called…Allison. 


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