February 16th

I don’t use this blog to wallow in tales of failure, but yesterday I tried to get some half-priced Valentine’s Day chocolate, and the supplies were completely decimated. There was nothing left. I should’ve gone earlier, but I didn’t know I was competing against a bunch of savages.

My trip to Houston isn’t far away! I’ll be sharing my “wisdom” with 100 students, then another 100 students, then 50 students, but you’re not invited to that because schools tend to frown upon strangers roaming the hallways. But “An Evening With Jeff Strand,” which was already an astounding value at $10 for a double feature of May and Tucker & Dale Vs. Evilwill now also feature the WORLD PREMIERE of “Hostile,” the short film I wrote, directed by Brett Kelly.

Tickets are still available! Get ’em HERE.

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