February 25th

MAUDE: I hear that the WOLF HUNT series is lively fun, but I’d have to order three separate books! Who has that kind of time?

HELGA: If only there was a better way!

JEFF: Hi, ladies!

MAUDE / HELGA: Published author Jeff Strand!!!

MAUDE: I thought you were dead!

JEFF: Wait, what? Where did you hear that?

MAUDE: I forget. I pretty much just skim social media, so I may have mixed you up with somebody else. Maybe it was Maberry.

JEFF: Anyway, I heard you wallowing in misery over your conundrum, and I have the perfect solution: The WOLF HUNT trilogy!

HELGA: The WOLF HUNT trilogy? What sort of evil sorcery is that?

JEFF: It’s WOLF HUNT, WOLF HUNT 2, and WOLF HUNT 3 in one Kindle book!

MAUDE: Bulls**t! Nothing could be THAT convenient!

JEFF: It’s true! And with its low, low price it’s like getting three books for the price of two! If one of them sucks, it’s free!

HELGA: I didn’t even know there was a WOLF HUNT 3. F**king Facebook algorithms!

MAUDE: How can I get this amazing deal?

JEFF: Click right here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084ZH9PVV

HELGA: I’m buying it right now! I’d have to be a total derp to miss out!

MAUDE: Hey, I see my mistake. You’re not dead yet. You die next Thursday.

[Uncomfortable silence. Then everybody laughs and laughs.]

JEFF: That handy link again is: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084ZH9PVV

HELGA: You posted it, like, four lines ago.

JEFF: Go to hell.

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