February 6th

Ugh. Frickin’ rain.

But you didn’t visit this blog to hear my thoughts about Atlanta rainfall. Proof copies of the paperback editions of all three Wolf Hunt books are on their way to me (this will be the first paperback edition of Wolf Hunt 3, while the first two will have the new covers and a much lower price than the existing paperbacks). There will also be a new paperback of DwellerIf all looks good with the test copies, they’ll be available at an Amazon website near you with the click of a button!

The Kindle editions of all four of these books have been reformatted, so now they have fancy stuff like those big-ass capital letters at the beginning of a chapter. If you already bought them, you don’t have to buy them again, you can just re-download your copy and get the snazzier editions.

Tomorrow morning (like, 4:30 AM) I’m driving to central Florida (Winter Park) for the Trinity Prep Author Festival, where a large group of unruly Young Adult authors will converge upon the school for an afternoon of signing books, selfies, and panel discussions. It’s free and open to the public. Get all the details HERE.

As I type this, it’s 82 degrees in Winter Park. When I get there, it’ll be in the 60’s, and drop to the 40’s overnight. That’s some serious bulls**t right there.

Welcome to February!

A few days ago I posted a sinister quote from Hazel. I immediately got a “You mean Hazel the maid? Hur hur hur!” comment. (“Hur hur hur” implied.) A couple of other people jumped in with GIFs, and I realized that unless I wanted my social media threads to be constantly derailed by jokes about a 1960’s sitcom, I needed to change the title.

It took forever to come up with Hazel in the first place, but I returned to the lists of female names, trying to find one that sounded good as a book title and also was not the name of a 1960’s sitcom. That also took forever. Should’ve been easy, right? If you’re going through a list of 1000 names, it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that fits all of your criteria.

In the end, I decided (still subject to change) that the book is now called…Allison. 


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