March 23

Things are a little offbeat right now, huh?

Allison came out in Kindle format last week, and the paperback is now available. Many Amazon books are showing a late April delivery date, but while that’s impacting all of my  prior releases, it doesn’t seem to be affecting Allison quite yet, so you can get it HERE.

Errant Dreams gave it a five out of five stars review, saying it “takes the girl-with-supernatural-powers-gets-pushed-too-far trope and makes it delicious again.” Read the full review HERE.

My Appearances page probably needs a great big question mark in front of each event. The Outer Dark Symposium For The Greater Weird was pushed back to August. Mo*Con is either cancelled or postponed. But I did just add Multiverse, which will be in October in Atlanta.

I’m hard at work on my next book, The Odds. I’d made big plans for an experiment in the “rapid release” publishing model–three books in three months. Allison in March, The Odds in April, and Graveyard Closing (Everything Must Go) in May. I’m sticking to the plan but I’m not sure it really counts as an “experiment” anymore, since we’re not exactly in a normal moment in time. It may just be a matter of survival!

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