April 9th

Not much has changed here. A couple of major movie projects continue to inch closer and closer to being able to pop open a bottle of champagne, although I’d just crack open a can of my finest Mountain Dew. But the coronavirus is lurking at the finish line, saying “Not so faaaaaaast!”

Will at least one of these projects be able to sustain its momentum until Hollywood opens again? If not, I’ll probably post a lot of profanity without even disguising it with asterisks.

Meanwhile, the Considering Stories blog has started a limited series of Sunday essays about my books! The first installment, The Grin in the Floor, is a detailed look at Facial. It doesn’t spoil the book, so check it out HERE.

I was also on the Drinking With Authors podcast, where I enjoyed a large can of Red Bull whilst discussing the art of writing. It’s available on all of your favorite podcast acquisition services, or you can listen HERE.

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