May 18th

Whoa! I actually got out of the house this weekend! The Plaza Theater in Atlanta has converted its parking lot into a makeshift contact-free drive-in theater, so we went to see Clue. Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum wouldn’t fare well in the MeToo era.

The weekly look at one of my books at Considering Stories continues this week with Casket For Sale (Only Used Once). Check it out HERE.


My story “Green Suits” appears in Issue #7 of Forbidden Futures, which is available online for free! It’s not for the kiddies. Read it HERE and use the password “taboopresent” if prompted.

The audiobook version of Allison is now available, read by Sara Morsey! Get it right HERE!


Y’know, I have an unofficial fan group on Facebook! If you feel that there is a sufficient amount of Jeff Strand in your life right now, you should skip it, but if you want a smidgen more, it’s right HERE.

The official title of the fifth Andrew Mayhem book is now Cemetery Closing (Everything Must Go). 

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