July 6th

Hey, this is my first website update on my brand new computer! It’s a low-end MacBook Air that is still twice as powerful as my old MacBook Air. I still remember, not fondly, the olden days of yore when switching to a new computer was a time-consuming nightmare. Now, I basically just plugged in the external hard drive, left it alone for a couple of hours, and I was 98% back to normal. Technology!!!!!!!

The Thunderstorm hardcover collector’s edition of Clowns Vs. Spiders is down to the last few copies. There were no pre-orders for this one; when you buy it, they’ll mail it! Get it HERE…unless it’s too late!

I’m toying with the idea of a more frequent newsletter. Right now it’s kind of monthly but mostly just timed to new books, and a lot of news gets left out. But I don’t want to scale it down into an announcement list, so at the minimum I will continue having a new flash fiction story in every issue.

These stories are written at most a couple of days ahead of time, but usually the day before I send out the newsletter, and sometimes the same day if I’m feeling particularly procrastination-prone. My goal is to get a nice backlog of stories written, and then set up an “every other Tuesday” schedule or something like that.

My new novel is still in the early stages but going very well. I think you’ll like it.

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